Corporate Finance

Through its extensive contact network among private equity investors as well as purchasers of traditional and structured bank financings, JHP provides advice in structuring, arranging, and privately placing senior debt, mezzanine and equity financing for acquisitions, corporate restructurings, leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations.


JHP provides advice to clients in evaluating prospective investments as well as evaluating the performance of existing portfolio investments. 

As part of this process JHP reviews all information provided and performs due diligence on the target company or a review of existing portfolio companies.  Based on this information and its analysis a recommendation is made to the client to how to best proceed in the case of a prospective investment or on how to maximize value in the case of existing portfolio companies.

- New Investments

In the case of new prospective investments JHP can advise the client in the following areas:

  1. Perform due diligence.
  2. Perform a financial analysis of the target.
  3. Provide a valuation on the target.
  4. Structure and negotiate the offer.
  5. Structure and arrange financing for the transaction.
  6. Advice on the negotiation of the purchase agreement, financing agreements and other ancillary documents required for the transaction.

JHP’s role in some instances is equivalent to that of an in-house corporate development team where it can oversee all the details of the transaction, from beginning to end.  This service is particularly helpful to those Private Equity investors and hedge funds that do not have a full team to oversee their investment transactions.

- Portfolio Investments

In the case of a a review of existing portfolio investments JHP approaches the task as if they were new investments.

JHP’s goal is to identify the drivers of value creation in any company and recommend to the investors how to execute a plan to extract and maximize value in the short and long term.

This is done by a strategic investment review report that can take anywhere from a week to a month where JHP will perform its review of the Company by interviewing management and analyzing the companies operations.

As part of this process JHP performs the following tasks:

  1. Prepares a due diligence review of portfolio company.
  2. Prepares a high level review of the market position of the portfolio company.
  3. Prepares a valuation on the portfolio company based on current market conditions.
  4. Perform a strategic analysis of how to maximize value of portfolio company, including a road map for the process with detailed recommendations.